About BMC

Welcome to the official website of Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation. Bidhannagar, the most important satellite township of the city of Kolkata is situated on the eastern edge of the city. Bidhannagar, earlier known as Salt Lake ("Laban Hrad"), started as a planned township built on reclaimed swamp land. Later on an area enriched with wet lands of East Kolkata (a Ramsar Site) was included on the eastern side. As for its origin, after the partition of Bengal during Indian independence in 1947, a lot of people migrated from Bangladesh, the then East Pakistan, thus rapidly increasing the population of Kolkata. The Chief Minister of Bengal, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, started looking for ways to relieve the city from this huge population pressure. As a solution, he founded the city of Kalyani, but his dream did not materialise due to its distance from Kolkata. As an alternative solution came the plan of Salt Lake city, now known as Bidhan Nagar. At Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation we have a vision. We believe that Bidhannagar has the potential to be the most efficient and effective Municipal Corporation in India. We strive to serve our citizens with responsive, financially sustainable, transparent and quality service.