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Bidhannagar, the most important satellite town of the city of Kolkata is situated on the eastern edge of the city. Bidhannagar is named after Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, the first Chief Minister of West Bengal, who came up with the township idea to relieve the rising population pressure on Kolkata. The original township was called Salt Lake (or “Laban Hrad”), which was later renamed as Bidhannagar.

History of Bidhannagar

Municipal Vision

  • Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation intends to
  • Be an environmentally clean urban area ensuring healthy lives, healthy ambience, safety and security.
  • Provide the residents, irrespective of poor or rich, should have adequate & equal access to basic services.
  • Properly preserve the Wetlands in order to save the ecological balance of the Kolkata Metropolis.
  • Upgrade the economically weaker section, by engaging all families in gainful employment or self- employment through different training programmes.

Desk Of Mayor

A hearty welcome to all the visitors of this website. I feel myself fortunate to convey a few words to you. First of all, being the chairman of the most promising and potential municipal Corporation in Kolkata, I feel a great responsibility has been bestowed upon me. Let me share a few thoughts with you.

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